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Journal of Science Education

This Journal of Science Education was founded by Yuri Orlik in 1999 and the No.1 vol.1 was published in January 2000.

Beijing Science Education Innovation center

This is a civil organization in science education in Beijing, and we have close contact with K-12 schools in China, especially in Beijing.

It is also one of the batch pilot research centers of the STEM science education, and science teacher education.

our center will combine Western and Eastern culture.

Latest Issues N 1,Vol 20,2019

The Use of Digital Technologies as A Teaching Resource For Science Learning For Students of The Last Year of Fundamental Education of Public Schools in Brazil

Arilson Paganotti; Marcos Rincon Voelzke; Carlos Fernando de Araújo Jr. Ludemar Paladino

Improvement of Science Process Skills (SPS) With Implementation Guided Inquiry Learning Using STEM Approach

Fika Amalia Madlazim

Plausible Reasoning and The Analogy in Posing and Solution of A Problem For A Mathematics Competition

Mauro Misael Garcia Pupo;Miguel Cruz Ramírez;Osvaldo Rojas Velázquez

La práctica de las habilidades de razonamiento y argumentación como determinantes del puntaje de las áreas de ciencias, matemáticas y lectura de la prueba PISA The practice of reasoning and argumentation skills as determinants of the score on science, math and reading areas in PISA

Manuel Lecuanda, Leonor Silva Schütte, Pablo Barniol

Misaligned Projections: an opportunity for learning Juan Velasco & Laura Buteler

Instituto de Física Enrique Gaviola . Universidad Nacional de Córdoba – Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas. Córdoba, 5000, Argentina

The Gender Differences on Physics National Examination (NE) Performance in East Java During the Last 3 Years (2016-2018)

Madlazim and Siti Jamiatul Husnaini

Identification of Students' Misconception on Newton's Law of Gravitation Concept Using The Four-Tier Diagnostic Test Instrument

Madlazim and Nurul Izzah

An Empirical Study on the Changes of Value Orientation of Physics Curriculum in Chinese Senior High Schools: A statistical analysis based on syllabus and curriculum standards

Yonghong Xue, Lili Wang, Qianru Song, Yuxi Zhao

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