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Editorial board

Editor in Chief

Jingying Wang

Education of Physics

International Associate Editor

Yuri Orlik

Education of Chemistry

Editorial Board

Alan Goodwin

Education of Science

Jace Hargis

Education of Science

Luz C. Hernandez

Education of Science

Charles Hollenbeck

Education of Physics

Technical Team

Jianxin Li

Xueke Zou

Journal of Science Education

This Journal of Science Education was founded by Yuri Orlik in 1999 and the No.1 vol.1 was published in January 2000.

Beijing Science Education Innovation center

This is a civil organization in science education in Beijing, and we have close contact with K-12 schools in China, especially in Beijing.

It is also one of the batch pilot research centers of the STEM science education, and science teacher education.

our center will combine Western and Eastern culture.