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Journal of Science Education

This Journal of Science Education was founded by Yuri Orlik in 1999 and the No.1 vol.1 was published in January 2000.

The first issue of the JSE was published in January 2000 and we did a lot of different issues (to see www.accefyn.org.co/rec) with about 700 peer reviewed articles of authors from more than 70 countries, including from China. More than 90% of article we published in English.

This peer reviewed Journal is indexed and abstracted in Scopus (Elsevier) www.info.scopus.com; Qualis (qualis.capes.gov.br/webqualis), Brasil; Publindex, Colciencias, Colombia, Chemical Abstracts(CA); Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC); Educational Research Abstract Online(ERA) UK; www.tandf.co.uk/era, Contents Pages in Education, UK; Latindex, Mexico.

Instructions to Authors

Journal of Science Education is the premier peer-reviewed journal focused on empirical research on the theory and practice of science education.

The usual length of a JSE article is 5000-8000 words, but occasionally lengths outside this range are accepted. The title page should contain (a) the title of article; (b) full names, institutional affiliations, and positions of authors; (c) complete contact information for all authors including phone, e-mail, and mailing address. For rules governing references and style, consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA; 5th edition) guidelines. Normally submissions to JSE should be unpublished and not under consideration by another journal or for a conference proceeding.

The JSE was founded in January 2000, has published nearly 800 peer-reviewed articles on science education research from more than 70 countries. 90% of those articles were published in English.

JSE will provide professional editing and review service for articles submitted. When you are ready to submit an article, email: jse_in_china@21cn.com. Please indicate the author's name + article name.