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N 1,Vol 19,2018

An interview with Vicente Talanquer

János Sándor Kapitány ,Zoltán Tóth

Methodology of Trees and concept maps: paths that integrate and articulate Environmental Education and Science Teaching

Ana Carolina de Oliveira Salgueiro de Moura Camila Aparecida Tolentino Cicuto , Alice Fogaça Monteiro, Adriana Cunha Ancini, Maria Cleonice Garcia Gonçalves, Zelia Gonçalves Batista, Sandra Marques da Rosa

Design of hypothetical trayectories of learning for the improvement of the environmental awareness Diseño de trayectorias hipotéticas de aprendizaje para la mejora de la conciencia ambiental

Sandra Laso Salvador, Mercedes Ruiz Pastrana, José María Marbán Prieto

Some possibilities of using Flash animations and Applets in increasing the effectiveness of teaching

Doc.Ing. Milan Bernát,, Ing. Ján Pavlovkin,, Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Džmura,, PaedDr. Ľubomír Žáčok, , Doc. RNDr. Renáta Bernátová

Traditional Knowledge as a Tool for Discussing History and Philosophy of Science in Teacher Education

Wilmo Ernesto Francisco Junior

Terms for Non equivalent Electrons in dxpysz Configurations

P. L. Meena

Alignment Between the Curriculum Standards and Mathematics Academic Proficiency Test in Junior Middle School

Huanxia Wang, Cuixia Zhang, Ge Qin Yu Liu, Jiqiang Jiang, Yachun Li

Effectiveness of CPI(Construction,Production,and Implementation)Teaching Model to Improve Science Literation for Pre-service Physics Teacher)

Titin Sunarti, Binar Kurnia Prahani, Wasis, and Madlazim

Teaching of Astronomy and Teacher Training: disciplinary knowledgesEnseñanza de Astronomia y Formación de Profesores: Conocimientos disciplinares

Daniel de Freitas Barros Neto, Evonir Albrecht

What and How to Teach Didactics of Physics?An Approach from Disciplinary,Sociocultural,and Interactiona Dimensions

Olga L. Castiblanco A,Roberto Nardi

An Assessment of Teachers’ Educational Needs for Introduction and Innovative Approaches to Teaching Science to Improve Teaching

Gil Nicetas B, Villarino

The Use of Traditional Climate Knowledge by the Iraya Mangyans of Paluan, Mindoro, Philippines

Jun Karren V, Caparoso,Luisito T, Evangelista

Primary School Students' Understanding of Chemical Bongding and the Particulate Nature of Matter


Social Media's Impact on a Journalist's role

Amjad Omar Safori

Case Study on “STEM+Computational Thinking” Education Model in Chinese K-12 Schools

Xiaoya Yu., Xingran Guo