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N 2,Vol 19,2018

Development of Teaching Materials for Magister Study Program of Science Education Postgraduate in Indonesia

Tukiran, I Gusti Made Sanjaya

“A sparrow in hand is better the pigeon in the sky” About Birds of Colombia and South America

Yuri Orlik

jj Terms for Non equivalent Electrons in dxpysz Configurations

L. Meena

El desarrollo de habilidades de pensamiento crítico en ciencias en estudiantes de primaria The Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Science in Primary School Students

Gabriela González Zambrano, Leonor Silva Schütte, Pablo Barniol

Realidad aumentada en química: Experiencia en educación secundaria a través de Elements 4D Augmented Reality in Chemistry: An Experience in Secondary Education Through Elements 4D

Noelia Margarita Moreno Martínez, Rosario Franco-Mariscal, ntonio Joaquín Franco-Mariscal

The Impact of 7E Learning Cycle-Based Worksheets Toward Students Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving Ability on Newton's Law of Motion

Andrian Primanda, I Wayan Distrik, Abdurrahman

Influencing Factors of PISA Science Performance: a qualitative meta-analysis

Zilong Wang, Shoubao Gao*, Yi Yang, Song Gao, Qiaoqiao Shang