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N 2,Vol 20,2019

Study on Student Engagement in the Course Chemistry Pedagogy Based on Mobile Learning

Jia Li, Jingying Wang, Zhongpeng Wu, Shunuan Xie, Anqi Jiang

Research on 70 years Development of Mathematics Competence Requirements in Chinese National Curriculum:A Text Analysis on High School Mathematics Curriculum Standards Since the Founding of P. R. China

Wang Jingying,Wang Yumeng,Hu Qizhong,Gao Shoubao,Xie Shunuan,Cheng Qiu

The Impact of Android Based Assesment for Learning System Toward Students Self-Directed Learning Ability on Thermodynamic Matter

Hendri Prasetio, Undang Rosidin, Agus Suyatna

Visualization of the Logical Structure of Biologically and Ecologically Oriented Curriculum and its Application in Teaching to Increase the Level of Understanding of Causality (Coherence of Cause and Effectin) in the Curriculum.

Doc. RNDr. R. Bernátová, PhD. , Doc. Ing. M. Bernát, PhD., Prof. MVD. J. Poráčová, PhD., Dr.habil.PaedDr. M. Nagy, PhD., Dr. V. Sedlák, PhD., Mgr. M. Sepešiová, PhD., MUDr. B. Vadašová, PhD.

Indonesian Physics Laboratory: Learning Physics Concept through Photovoice

Nadi Suprapto, Titin Sunarti, Suliyanah, Husni Mubarok, Alif Syaiful Adam

Reducing the Misconception Burdens of Students with Balance Visual-Verbal Learning Style through the Conceptual Change Strategy Assisted by Student Worksheet

Suyono, Wahyu Budi Sabtiawan

Development of Studrnt Work Sheets Based on Analogy Content in Physical Learning to Improve Critical Thinking ability of High School Students

Imas Setiana Esti Galih, Abdurrahman & Undang Rosidin

The Effectiveness of Volcanology Learning Through Inquiry Based on Education for Sustainable Development (Esd)

Eko Hariyono, Madlazim, Silvia Anggrayni