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N 1,Vol 21,2020

Science Teaching

How to deal with rural children’s epidemic prevention in the transmission of major infectious diseases: Reflect on cases of Chinese 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia

Fangui Kong, Yuhong Tao, Yingjie Lun, Xuewei Tian, Hui Pang

Visualization of the logical structure of biologically and ecologically oriented curriculum and its application in teaching to increase the level of understanding of causality in the curriculum

RNDr R Bernátová, Ing M Bernát, MVD J Poráčová, PaedDr M Nagy, Dr V Sedlák, Mgr M Sepešiová, MUDr B Vadašová

Science Learning

Indonesian physics laboratory: Learning physics concept through photovoice

Nadi Suprapto, Titin Sunarti, Suliyanah, Husni Mubarok, Alif Syaiful Adam

Research of correlation of theoretical knowledge and psychomotor skills of pupils in technical education

Ľubomír Žáčok, Milan Bernát, Renáta Bernátová, Ján Pavlovkina

E-learning based on “problem-based learning” as optical instrument learning complement: Efforts to grow the high order thinking skills

Purwanti Budi Utami, Agus Suyatna, I Wayan Distrik

Science Environment

How to avoid the spread of internet science rumors: A text analysis based on the origin of COVID-19

Qizhong Hu, Jingying Wang, Yan Liang, Tao Wang