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N 2,Vol 21,2020

Science Teaching

Teaching of the Thematic Unit Photosynthesis in the Natural Sciences with Didactics for Teacher Training Programmers in Primary Education with the Support of the Interactive Whiteboard

Renáta Bernátová, Milan Bernát, Janka Poráčová, Melinda Nagy

Science Learning

A Century Construction of Chemistry Learning Abilities in Chinese Middle Schools: A Text Analysis Based on 28 Curriculum Standards

Zhenzhen Jia, Hui Pang, Zhonghou Wang, Shuying Hao, Ke Liu

An International Comparative Study on the Impact of Science Teachers’ Literacy on Middle School Students’ STEM Career Expectations: Based on PISA 2015 Data

Lijie Tian, Weihao Xin, Shunuan Xie, Xuemeng Yang

Chinese Public’s Conception of Anesthesiologist in COVID-19: A Text Analysis Based on WeChat

Anqi Jiang, Zhen Wang, Weiqin Cai, Jiancheng Jiang

The Application of E-worksheet Assisted by EPSON EB-695WI Finger Touch Interactive Projector to Increase Learning Quality in Classroom

Sunaryo Romli, Agustiawan

The Relationship between STEM Teachers' Beliefs and Knowledge: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis

Weihao Xin, Jingying Wang, Yi Zou, Jing He

Chinese Female's Mental Reconstruction: A Breakthrough of Gender Role in COVID-19

Fangui Kong, Yingjie Lun, Jing Zhang, Xuewei Tian, Longmin Ma, Xiao Wang

Science Environment

How Are the Violations of Girls Reported and Spread in The Internet Context of China? A Text Analysis of Popular Articles on WeChat

Qianru Song, Tao Wang, Zhanghui Peng, Qizhong Hu, Bilin Gao, Lixian Ou